Weird . . . Al Yankovic!

Had a fun day yesterday. My sister Kristen, Melissa and I, and two of Kristen’s cool friends all headed down to the Warner Theater in Washington, DC, to see one of the most unique singer/songwriter/performers in the world: Weird Al Yankovic.

For some reason, like many performances, photography was prohibited (why do they do that?) so you’ll just see the outside marquee and ticket stub here. Oh well. It was a great, hilarious show that had us all rolling in the aisles laughing most of the way through. Weird Al, believe it or not, is an amazingly entertaining performer. His stage presence equals the quality of his musicality and wit.

Of note, Weird Al’s most recent ‘hit’—White and Nerdy—is not only funny, but it is technically accurate. Further, the images displayed on the screen during his performance of the song were equally accurate and relevant (even including the ‘smiley face’ image of the Acid 2 browser compliance test). I guess, since I know that, it would make me ‘White and Nerdy’ too.

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