W&OD Conquered; Mt. Vernon Trail >50% Conquered

So the weekend ended up a bit more busy than I had really expected, but it’s going pretty well. I realized though that I had neglected to update you all on my effort to conquer the W&OD bike trail. Status: Success.

Last Thursday, I pushed myself to [and perhaps slightly beyond] my limit, setting off from the 16 mile marker on the trail and riding all the way to the 0 mile marker, and then all the way back for a total ride of 32 miles. My limit, in case you’re wondering, was around 25 miles ;-). I survived though. In the last 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve ridden the entire 45-mile length of the W&OD trail in both directions.

Today, I did have a couple of free hours so I started a similar exercise on the scenic 18 miles of the Mount Vernon Trail. I did a 10-mile ride from it’s northern terminus to a spot just south of the Beltway, then back again. Sometime in the next week or so, I’ll start from the southern terminus and ride 10 miles north (which will complete the whole trail, with a couple miles of overlap in the middle).

Hopefully soon, I’ll do another 30-miler and not feel like I’m about to die at the 25th mile ;-).

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