Taking a Nice Little Vacation

As many of you are probably aware, I’ve been employed for some time as a Web Content Manager on Department of Defense web sites. With a couple of diversions here and there, including an unceremonious work stoppage in the first week of this February due to contractual goofiness and some more-recent diversions, that’s been What I Do™ since August 2004. The contract I’ve been working on most all that time ended Friday, and the new award was given to a different company.

The new project I’ll be taking on starts with a training period on the 25th, so I’ve got a nice, empty, unexpected vacation week. That’s especially nice, since I like to have a little breathing room to decompress between jobs/projects. It’ll also give me a chance to do some biking when there are fewer people out on the trails, and maybe goof around with some web site stuff and watch some DVDs. It’ll be a nice change of pace to have a week with essentially nothing to do, especially after spending the last five-months-or-so completely swamped on an understaffed team.

Anyway, other than that it’s mostly just your average stuff. I finally got Melissa to join me on a bike ride today (just a short, easy one to start her off with ;-)) Been doing a lot of reading. All-in-all things are going pretty well!

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