I Like Turtles . . .

Just like the world-famous ‘Zombie Kid Who Likes Turtles‘, I like turtles. They’re just really, really neat animals. What other animal has its own sturdy house built-in? What other animal can morph into human-size amphibian ninjas?

Regardless, I was out on a bike ride today and happened across this little guy crossing the trail. I picked two pictures out of about fifty—every time I got into position to take a good shot (I was trying to get his side or front) he would get spooked out and turn away from me (and try to run away at his running speed, which was ever-so-slightly faster than his normal meander). All-in-all, I have a lot of pictures of a turtle’s butt. I’ll spare you from looking at those, and instead show you two of the good shots.

I end up seeing a lot of wildlife on my bike excursions, but I usually just keep going without taking a picture. I’ll try to stop more often when I see something cool.

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