If you haven’t noticed what a recent Project for Excellence in Journalism report found, you haven’t been paying attention. Over the last six weeks or so, media coverage of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) has been 36 percent positive, 35 percent neutral/mixed, and 29 percent negative. During the same period, media coverage of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was 15 percent positive, 28 percent neutral/mixed, and an incredible 57 percent negative.

I have no problem with people in the media liking Obama, nor do I have any problem with inevitable media bias, but I wish the ‘MSM’ would at least try to have a semblance of journalistic integrity and balance. Their love affair with Obama would be comical in a vacuum, but the media plays a big part of forming many peoples’ opinions of these candidates. Thus, the media has a responsibility—morally, not legally—to portray both candidates dispassionately and as fairly as possible.