Election Coverage Plans

In-keeping with past years, Off on a Tangent will be providing live election coverage on November 4 starting at 7pm EST. Coverage will include live results for all races in which I have made endorsements, as well as a running list of relevant local and national news. Off on a Tangent results will be based primarily on actual returns as-published by government agencies and media exit-polling and projections. This ‘raw data’ will be combined with independent analysis in making any projections.

Coverage will continue with constant updates from 7pm until all covered races have projected winners or 1am, whichever comes first. In the event that any races remain un-called at 1am, I will resume updates on the morning of November 5 as time permits.

While I have my biases, I always strive to make my live coverage as accurate and reliable as possible. I will err on the side of caution at all times without regard for party affiliations or my personal political preferences, but—at the same time—I won’t hesitate to make a projection when a winner is clear. Per site policy, candidates will be listed alphabetically by last name.

Stay tuned!

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