Ongoing economic woes have taken a back-seat in the news this Thanksgiving as Al-Qaeda, the worldwide terrorist network responsible for the 9/11/2001 attacks and countless other acts of mass murder, rears its ugly head.

Yesterday, gunmen armed with automatic weapons and grenades laid seige to the Indian city of Mumbai, targeting locations likely to house British and U.S. tourists. At least 101 have been killed and 287 injured in the attacks, and while the purpetrators have not yet been identified the attack—coordinated across the city of Mumbai—bears the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda terrorism.

Meanwhile, reports are emerging that worldwide terrorist ‘chatter’ has led intelligence chiefs to believe that major attacks—perhaps including the Mumbai attacks, and perhaps something else entirely—is in the works for the period of time before President-elect Barack Obama (D) takes office in January. A specific report has now emerged stating that New York City’s Penn Station, a major train station, was the target of an Al-Qaeda plot. The station, now under heavy security, is a major hub in the U.S. northeast transportation network and, if attacked, could result in major nationwide transportation disruption during one of the heaviest travel seasons.

I wish everybody a safe Thanksgiving; be alert and report any suspicious activity.

Scott Bradford has been building web sites and using them to say what he thinks since 1995, which tended to get him in trouble with power-tripping assistant principals at the time. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from George Mason University, but has spent most of his career (so far) working on public- and private-sector web sites. He is not a member of any political party, and brands himself an ‘independent constitutional conservative.’ In addition to holding down a day job and blogging about challenging subjects like politics, religion, and technology, Scott is also a devout Catholic, gun-owner, bike rider, and music lover with a wife, two cats, and a dog.