Making Some Progress

Office ChaosI mentioned before that my big project for the week is trying to get my office into some sort of order. Let me tell you, the task of removing large furniture (one huge desk, one medium size desk, and one old-school four-level file cabinet) and replacing it with new furniture (two large and one medium desks that all fit together, two drawer/file cabinet units, and a smaller file cabinet unit) is extremely complex and difficult. You have to take everything—and I mean everything—out of the old furniture and pile it up in corners and nooks while you fit all the new furniture in. Then, once that’s done, you have to get everything put back away.

Well, so far, all the furniture is where it needs to be, I finally got the computers all back in-place yesterday, and the files from the file cabinet are properly in their new file cabinets. But there are mindless, disorganized messes of . . . stuff . . . all over the place, as you can see in the photo (and there’s plenty more just out of view on the left, right, and below the camera). But progress is being made. Slowly.

In case you are wondering, the desk and drawer units are all from the Ikea ‘Galant’ family. I bought the two corner disks and the extension (on the left) and the smaller drawer unit (barely visible behind the GMU degree on the left) from my friend Christine, then added the two drawer units in the middle and some shelves (off to the sides; not visible) from Ikea. The Eelserver, which is our apartment file and network server, along with our DSL modem and wireless router are all under the desk at the back-right corner, with the printer on the right just out of view on top of the desk. My main workstation is at the back left corner (where the monitors are).

Someday it will be wonderful :-).

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