The Joys of Marriage: Virus Sharing

So the virus that Melissa caught from work last week has now set its sights on me. Thankfully, so far anyway, it hasn’t hit me too hard. I’m feeling pretty bad—sore throat, congestion, general bad feelings—but I’m still capable of functioning. I stayed home from work today, but mostly as a courtesy to my coworkers (I was, in fact, working from home most of the day). I have noticed no strong improvement or worsening through the day. I feel about the same right now (9pm) as I did when I woke up.

In Melissa’s case, this virus started weak and then hit hard. I’m hoping that an overdose of vitamin C and green tea (with a healthy addition of Nyquil—I need my beauty sleep) will hold it at bay in my case.

Of course, like usual, illness strikes at the most inconvenient time possible. There’s a lot to do as we approach Christmas, and a lot of last-minute things to get out of the way at work before everybody goes on vacation. Go figure.

I can’t really complain too much though. Last time Melissa was sick, I managed to slide through without catching it. I guess I was overdue ;-).

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