Yeah, I know, I’m slacking on postings and have been doing a poor job of responding to emails, answering phones, and so on. Sorry about that. I finally got much of my to-do list conquered by Thursday evening, right around the same time I started to feel a bit off. I woke up Friday with a pretty bad cold, complete with congestion, sore throat, and general badness. I’ve been consuming plenty of vitamin C and drinking plenty of fluids and getting plenty of sleep (with the help of Nyquil D), so hopefully it’ll pass soon.

I still have quite a few to-dos to finish, and I’m still working on them, but things have basically settled back to a normal level of chaos. I’m going to try and get back into a habit of regular posting, but please be patient with me ;-).

You would think that with the immense technological power we have as a society—billions of computers that all are interconnected to one another—they’d have figured out some way to kill a common cold.