Big, Dangly Cat Feet

vincent-bigfeetVincent, our kitten, is weird. I came home today, and this is where I found him: sitting on top of our kitchen cabinets with his front legs dangling down, showing off his mutant, five-toed feet.

And, to top it off, he gives me the ‘dummy’ look. Vincent is very good at the ‘dummy’ look. Pretty regularly, a vacant stare comes across his face as he tries to compute whatever is happening around him. In this case, he was trying to figure out why I was laughing and pointing a cell phone camera at him.

Mei Mei, our older cat, is a bit smarter. When I point the camera at her, she usually stops doing whatever she was doing. She does this to spite us. Vincent hasn’t figured this out yet, and I doubt that he ever will!

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