While none of us should be surprised that that the American International Group (AIG) has squandered the 112 billion dollars that the U.S. government has ‘invested’ in the business’s unconstitutional nationalization, we’re now faced with a dilemma: what to do now.

The answer is surprisingly simple. There are about 306 million people populating the United States, and we’re all AIG shareholders now whether we ever wanted to be or not. It seems to me that we, as the owners of the business, are entitled to a portion of its largess. It’s a simple matter of math:

112,000,000,000 / 306,000,000 = $366.01 per person.

Now that’s a bonus plan! It’s also ‘change we can believe in’. You hear me, President Obama (D)? If you’re going to continue spending taxpayer dollars on ‘fixing’ the economy, do it by returning that money to the people who actually earned it.