House Shopping Update

townhouse1townhouse2So, I mentioned a little while ago that Melissa and I—in light of the ‘horrible’ economy presenting some of the best home-buying opportunities of a lifetime—are looking at possibly buying a house later in the year. Working with a Realtor, we’ve found a townhouse which is not yet built (scheduled delivery in October/November, just after our lease runs out) and happens to be in our price range. It has three bedrooms, 3 1/2 bath, 1-car garage, wouldn’t extend my commute . . . much, and is in a nice neighborhood.

It’s, of course, way too early to get our hopes up. We are working with the Realtor and builder to see if we can get something figured out that works with our current financial situation. It might work out, it might not. But, at this point, it looks fairly promising.

Forgive the poor cell-phone-camera pictures, but the pictures are an artist’s conception of the building (the one we’re looking at is the 2nd from the right) and the floor plan. The garage is in the back of the house, and the front door actually opens up on a grassy courtyard . . . or, at least it will once they build it. Exciting times!

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