Crazy, Busy Weekend

I hope everybody is having a great Memorial Day weekend so far and, most of all, I hope you have taken some time to consider the sacrifices that our soldiers, airmen, and seamen have made in defense of American freedom.

My weekend has been abnormally busy, but it’s been good so far. The last few weeks have been very busy and stressful, so this weekend was my chance to get caught up on all the ‘like-to-dos’ that had been put to the wayside. On Friday I left work early and used the afternoon to get some general maintenance work done on my computers and get a couple remaining bugs quashed on my web site, before meeting with the folks at our church to volunteer to help out with their site.

Yesterday Melissa was working at the Dekka store downtown, so after dropping her off I embarked on a nice, long bike ride—ended up being about 41.5 miles. I rode the entire Mount Vernon Trail from Roosevelt Island in the north to Mount Vernon in the south, then back north to the Four Mile Run Trail. From there I headed west on the Four Mile Run Trail and connected to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (through the new crossing under I-395 . . . nice!). I continued north-west on the W&OD to the Mary Custis Trail, then followed it west back to my starting point at Roosevelt Island. I’ve been neglecting my target of riding 30 miles per week, and it felt good to get back out there. That ended up eating a lot of my day though, since after the drive home from the ride and showering and so on it was late afternoon (and I was really tired). I ended up going to bed pretty soon after picking up Melissa and returning home.

Today I helped Melissa out with a photo shoot in the morning, we went to Mass, visited my Grandma, and then—in an exciting end to our Sunday—met with our Realtor and builder’s sales manager to go over the builder’s counter-offer.

Long-story-short, we put in all the paperwork to accept the counter-offer with a slightly higher down-payment and slightly-higher monthly payment than what we offered the other day, but it’s still a very good price for the house. Assuming the lawyers and so-on all review and approve (which is pretty much a sure-thing), the house is ours. Exciting times! We’re putting $10,000 down immediately, and the remaining $6,000-or-so will be paid in increments between now and the closing date (October/November).

Tomorrow, the schedule is pretty open. Really all we have firmly scheduled is that we’re going to (finally) see the new Star Trek movie. Being a big Star Trek fan, it’s been pretty excruciating to have not seen it yet but there’s been too much other stuff going on!

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