hybridducksI took two photos yesterday on the way home from work.

First, while stopped with a bunch of other cars at a red light, I noticed that the older Ford F-350 pickup in front of me was clearly driven/owned by someone with a sense of humor. They added (quite professionally) a ‘Hybrid’ label like that you see on Honda Civic Hybrids, Toyota Priuses, and Ford Escape Hybrids. I’m reasonably certain that the 1990s-era F-350 isn’t actually a hybrid, since the first hybrid to market was the Honda Insight in 2000.

Second, I got home around the time that the drizzle of rain had stopped and when I got of my car I noticed . . . ducks! For some reason four ducks were huddled together on the little parking island and looking somewhat forlorn. They seemed like they didn’t want to have their picture taken, but they actually let me get pretty close for this shot.

I am traveling this weekend, so don’t be surprised if this is the last you hear of me for a couple of days!