Palm Inc. launched its newest ‘Pre’ smartphone today. The Pre runs Palm’s brand new WebOS operating system, which replaces their ancient Palm OS platform, and has been touted as the first platform that might possibly challenge Apple’s iPhone.

It was my intent to initiate official support for the WebOS browser on this site today, since I’ve long been a fan of Palm and hope this new platform will be a raging success for them. Unfortunately, however, Palm has not yet released a WebOS emulator. Without an emulator, I can’t test my site. Without being able to test my site and make sure it works properly, I can’t officially support the browser.

I have adjusted the code of my site to automatically push the mobile version to WebOS users, but cannot verify its function at this time. As soon as Palm releases a WebOS emulator for developers, I will initiate official support. In the mean time . . . well . . . it probably works fine on everybody’s shiny new Palm Pres, but I make no promises.

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