Wedding and Whatnot

Another busy weekend going on. We spent much of the day today up in Maryland at a wedding. Many congrats and happy prayers for Kelsey and Duane! May God bless your union. It was a beautiful wedding and a great reception. Melissa was the photographer, so she was running around most of the time. I was just there as a friend of the couple and photographer’s stuff carrier. We also had dinner with my parents, who are in town for the weekend.

Aside from that, we’re working on stuff related to the house. The paperwork has all been up-in-the-air much longer than we were told to expect, and it’s starting to get annoying . . . especially since, under the ingenious economic policies of Barack Obama (D) and the Federal Reserve, the mortgage rates have jumped a full percentage point in the last two weeks and we’ve possibly lost the chance to lock-in the good, low rate we had initially been offered. Not cool. Things had been going very smoothly until this mess. The rate jump is largely (surprise!) our government’s fault, but if the companies involved had been acting promptly we might have been able to lock in a rate earlier when they were lower.

Why do these things need to be so complicated?

Anyway, those ate most of after-work time yesterday and most of the day today. Tomorrow is chock-full of church stuff and a few other things I’d like to do. Hopefully I’ll get at least a short bike ride in and some writing. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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