Straw Star

strawstarI’m on the verge of catching a cold, I’m afraid, so in an effort to keep it at-bay I’m taking in a lot of vitamin C and green tea. Thankfully I’m not a Zicam user; I always found that stuff a bit suspicious and now the FDA has joined in my suspicion.

Yesterday afternoon, when I went to make a vat of green tea for the remainder of my day, I found the coffee straws in a bizarre, vaguely star-shaped jumble. For some reason, I found it very funny and chuckled about it for a while.

Isn’t it great how the dumbest little things can bring light into your day? I tend to be a fairly serious person and, as such, I can get a bit depressed as I follow world events, observe the moral degradation of society, fight with companies to provide appropriate levels of service, etc. I’m glad I can still laugh at straw stars.

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