I’ve made a number of minor adjustments to the mobile version of the site over the last week. Most notably, I have formally initiated support for the current versions of Apple Safari Mobile (for the new iPhone OS 3.0) and Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile (for Windows Mobile 6.5). Additionally, I’ve improved support for some older, commonly-used mobile platforms like Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 and RIM BlackBerry OS 4.5.

All of you BlackBerry users on OS 4.5, be sure to go into your browser options and turn on HTML tables, background/foreground colors, background images, and stylesheet support. Some of these options, for some strange reason, default to ‘off’ on many older ‘Berries . . . especially if they were upgraded to 4.5 from older versions.

The one notable (and frustrating) absence from my mobile browser support is Palm WebOS. With the first WebOS device (the Palm Pre) already on the market, it’s pretty incredible that Palm hasn’t released a development emulator and doesn’t intend to do so until the ‘end of summer‘. Not smart, guys.

On the way home from work today, I swung by a Sprint store to play around with the Pre in-person for the first time. It’s a pretty slick little phone and, of course, I put my site through its paces. Everything seems to work as expected (see the screenshot; I’m glad the demo units can do MMS!). I am initiating preliminary support for Palm WebOS based on this limited testing. As soon as an emulator becomes available I’ll initiate full, formal support.

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