Oh Deer

oh-deerI’ve been a total post-slacker this weekend. I was in a conference for work pretty much all day Friday and Saturday, and Melissa’s parents and brother were visiting most of the weekend too. On top of all that I’ve been doing my monthly computer maintenance, getting some chores done, going to Mass, and going on a 20-mile ride on my mountain bike. Enough for one weekend?

On my bike ride, I finally finished the last little bit of Fairfax County’s Cross County Trail. I had done about 3/4 of it (in smaller chunks) last year, but didn’t finish before winter set in. This year it’s been so wet and rainy that I’ve gotten very little riding in on the mountain bike (though I have been doing regular rides on my hybrid on paved trails, which dry out quicker). Today was my first real mountain bike ride of any length this year.

For a county that is so well known as a suburban, over-developed, vibrant region, many are surprised to learn that Fairfax County has a ton on undeveloped parkland and rural areas, even close-in to DC. This undeveloped parkland even has wildlife in it, like the deer at right which I spied on my ride today.

Bear in mind that my phone’s camera doesn’t have zoom, so the deer is as close to me as it looks. It didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by my presence, and went about its business.

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