C&O Canal Wildlife

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I did a nice long bike ride on Saturday. This was my first ride on the C&O Canal Towpath since a ride with the Boy Scouts in my youth. The trail starts at mile-zero in Georgetown (a neighborhood in Washington, DC) and runs for a whopping 184.5 miles up the Potomac River along side an old canal. I didn’t ride the whole length, obviously, but rode out just a bit past mile 20 and back. It’s an unpaved trail, but it’s in very good shape and it’s a relatively easy ride. That’s why I was able to do 40 miles when my mountain bike rides are usually much shorter.

Anyway, the trail has some great views that I didn’t bother to get pictures of, especially around Great Falls (although there were way too many oblivious walkers blocking up the trail through there). I did, however, get some pictures of the wildlife. I’m a sucker for animals, I guess.

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