Slow Day

It’s been a slow day. First, it’s a slow news day. I’ve hardly found anything of interest today, which is out of the ordinary but not unheard of. Second, I took a sick day from work because I woke up with a brutal sore throat and congestion. I slept late, and really didn’t do much but drink fluids and watch 007 films all day. Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better now. Vitamin C, water, and Mucinex are my friends.

Despite being sick, which is no fun, it was nice to have a slow day. I’m sure it won’t last though. I’ll probably be up to work tomorrow—working from home, at least, but probably even going into the office. Tons of stuff to do this week, and then yet another busy weekend ahead. I’d love to have a nice, slow, do-nothing weekend.

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