Unfortunate Juxtapositions

jux2jux1jux3WTOP, a Washington, DC, area all-news radio station, has a pretty good web site. It’s not the flashiest or fanciest news web site, and they occasionally have trouble with journalism fundamentals, but they’re usually pretty fast with local news and provide a good overview of relevant local stories (in addition to national and world news). Plus, the radio station can’t be beat (especially the ‘traffic and weather together on the eights’ filling you in on the these essentials every ten minutes).

One thing that I occasionally run into on the site though is that they have a featured photo section called ‘Picture This’ which appears on the right-hand side of almost any news story. This section usually features a humorous or random photo, but that photo is not related in any way to the story you’re reading. Usually this is harmless, but occasionally it results in unfortunate juxtapositions. Here are two I’ve run across recently that just didn’t seem right.

Update 8/12/2009: Just found a new one today! A story about a pit bull with an un-related (but somewhat inappropriate) photo.

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