House: First Look at the Inside

house2house1bughouse3Today was pretty cool. We had our ‘pre-drywall walkthrough’ of the house, which was our first opportunity to walk through the place and make sure all the wiring and piping looks right. All the outlets and phone jacks and so on were in the right places and everything looked correct to our [admittedly un-trained] eyes. Apparently the drywall will be going up as soon as the end of this week.

I generally like the way our builder handles things. There are three walkthroughs before closing, they go way beyond the ‘bare minimum’ of the building codes, and so on. You’ll see in the pictures that the place is pretty solidly put together, compared to many modern cardboard houses, with pretty close studs and full corners and metal reinforcements to reduce sway. The guy who walked us through seemed to be a real straight-shooter and said that these buildings don’t move at all, even in strong wind storms. He also invited us to come by the house (and even walk around inside) any time we want.

The first picture is from our living room looking back into the kitchen, the second is all our county approval stickers, the third is my office, and the last is a giant horse fly that landed on my rear-view mirror as we arrived for the walkthrough. (Is that a good or bad omen?)

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