Wrongly Terminated HS Coach Reinstated

I wrote in July about a high school volleyball coach who was terminated from his job for holding a private party at his own home to which some other adults brought alcohol which was consumed only by consenting adults, not including the coach. This whole incident is ludicrous on many levels, and is another symptom of our public schools seizing for themselves more power than they rightfully have.

Well, I’m happy to report that (according to the Frederick News Post) Brad Young has been reinstated to his coaching job.

The fact that the school fired him in the first place, however, remains troubling. Under what authority can a man be fired for private, legal events that happen in his own home? In this case especially, where Young wasn’t even the one who committed the supposed ‘offense’, what idiot thought there were grounds for his termination?

This kind of thing is bothersome (and certainly immoral, if not illegal) for a private company, but we’re talking about a government agency here. Government agencies, including public schools, have to abide by regular employment law and constitutional limits on government.

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