Wallops Flight Facility and Chincoteague

Yesterday we went to Mass at a nice local church (Holy Name of Jesus in Pocomoke City, MD) before continuing our vacation. First we stopped at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility visitors center, which is on the mainland right before you cross into Chincoteague.

Wallops is pretty cool; it’s a former Naval Air Station which was turned over to NASA several decades ago and is used for all kinds of nifty research stuff for the space agency. Wallops was originally intended to be a launch facility for manned spaceflight, but all those operations got moved to Cape Canaveral in Florida. Wallops, however, is still used for all kinds of experimentation (including rocket launches) relating to both manned and unmanned spaceflight. The visitor center is pretty neat too, although their signs use quotes for emphasis (which is grammatically incorrect . . . ”please” don’t use quotes to indicate emphasis).

After that we went out to Chincoteague and had a go-kart race (Melissa was almost too short to drive ;-)), walked around for a while in the town, saw the odd rotating drawbridge in action, and just chilled out. Then we went out to the beach for an hour or two (no pics; it looks basically the same as Assateague minus the ponies). Then we had a nice dinner at the excellent Don’s Seafood, featuring mostly locally-caught sea creatures. Melissa ate about 15 pounds of crab. It’s turned a little rainy today, so we don’t really have any plans except to beat the Bay Bridge traffic back home early. Check out the pictures below!

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