Mobile Browser Notes

There have been a couple of changes to my official mobile browser support for the site over the last several weeks.

First, Torch Mobile’s Iris web browser for Windows Mobile has been discontinued, so I have ended official support for it on this site. Iris was a WebKit-based browser that was closely related to Apple’s Safari and the default browsers on Google’s Android and Palm’s WebOS. Torch Mobile has been acquired by Research In Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry smart phones, and will no longer produce software for Windows Mobile.

Second, with Palm’s announcement today of the new WebOS-based Pixi smart phone the company has [finally] discontinued its last Palm OS-based phone, the Centro. With the effective end of Palm OS, I am ending official support for the Palm Blazer web browser. If you’re still using a Palm OS phone, I recommend you install Opera Mini for your web browsing needs.

Hopefully the mobile browser universe will start stabilizing now. Please?

Anyway, I’m not doing anything to break the site in Iris or Blazer yet, so things should still work for now in those browsers if you insist on using them. Blazer did require some code acrobatics to support, and moving forward I won’t put any effort into those, so things will probably go goofy in Blazer after my next site update. Ah, the sweet smell of progress.

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