Great Weekend

It’s been a great weekend, but it’s been a busy weekend. My sister came up Friday afternoon to visit for the weekend so we had a nice dinner with her at our favorite Thai restaurant (Star Thai in Fair Lakes).

On Saturday, Melissa had an art show in Falls Church which apparently went reasonably well. While she was at the show (with my sister playing art assistant), I had a few things I needed to get done. You know, fun things like getting new tires for the Subaru and buying a Mossberg 500A shotgun at Virginia Arms in Manassas. Oddly enough, the tires cost quite a bit more than the shotgun. We concluded the day with a great dinner with the whole clan at my parents’/grandmother’s house.

Today, after Mass, we had a nice lunch with my parents (so the whole Bradford clan was together) and then we all went out to the house. The drywall has been put in so it’s starting to look much more like a house. I probably should have taken pictures, but I didn’t. It’s looking really good. Then we went to the mall for Melissa and Kristen to shop. I just went around to the different computer and cell phone stores to check out all the fancy new technology from Apple, HTC, Palm, RIM, and others. I’m a nerd, I know.

As always it was great to have spend some time with my sister, parents, and grandmother. Good times.

Now, sleep.

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