‘Gallery Shortcode Style to Head’ Version 1.2

As I mentioned last week, I’ve become the maintainer of the ‘Gallery Shortcode Style to Head‘ plugin for WordPress. I have just made my first release since becoming maintainer.

Version 1.2 of the plugin fixes an issue that caused WordPress to ignore users’ gallery settings for ‘Link thumbnails to . . . ’ when the plugin was active. This is the issue that originally prompted me to contact the original author.

In addition, version 1.2 updates the plugin’s author link information and other bits to point to me.

You can download the plugin from my info page (linked above), the WordPress plugin directory, or through your WordPress automatic plugin updater (which should pick it up within the next 12 hours).

Please contact me if there are any problems!

PS: Since the ultimate goal is to get this issue fixed for real instead of requiring a plugin, I’ve submitted a patch to WordPress. We will see if it gets included :-).

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