Sick [and Expensive] Cat

Vincent, our youngest of two cats, has always had occasional . . . digestive issues. Nothing too serious, but sometimes he gets a little backed up and his rear end gets sore for a day or two. This seemed to be happening again, but it didn’t clear up after a couple days and was really bothering him so we took him to the emergency vet yesterday afternoon.

Long story short, he’s doing okay now. They had to keep him overnight and do a procedure (complete with anesthetic) to clear out his system. We picked him, his stool softener, his pain medicine, and his butt cream up this morning. The poor guy was glad to be home. And oh boy, does he love his medicine (sarcasm).

Of course, the $800 it took to cover all of this could have gone to other use . . . but that’s just part of pet ownership, I guess. Got to love those large, unexpected expenses, especially right around the time we’re buying a house! Maybe next week one of our cars will break down, now that mine is a few hundred miles out of warranty!

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