House: Less Than One Month!

We are less than one month away from the closing/settlement date on our house. Today we spent a big chunk of the day getting things lined up for the big move day[s] . . . we got the window treatments ordered, the alarm system ordered, the movers arranged, and so on. Since we had to be at the house to get quotes on window treatments and the security system, we also got to see how things were progressing.

We had been out there last weekend so not much had changed since then. They accidentally installed carpet on the third floor (which was supposed to be hard wood), which is a funny (and likely expensive) mistake for the builder to have made. They’ll fix it. Today we also discovered that one of our railings was broke (see the picture). Another mistake they will have to fix.

The construction manager (who we happened to run into) said the workers are sometimes like bulls in china stores, but that everything will be fixed up before closing. We have a pre-settlement walk-through a week before closing where we get to see its ‘final’ status and point out any lingering problems, then we get to go through once more the morning of settlement to make sure they actually fixed everything.

All-in-all though, things are shaping up nicely (pictures below).

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