Told You!

See, I told you the posting would be much more limited for a while!

Things are progressing very well. We have a final estimate of how much money we have to pay at settlement on the house (less than I had feared), all the utilities are lined up, the Internet gets connected Monday (the day before we really, officially move in), and so on. It’s very exciting but, especially combined with a new job, very stressful.

Speaking of the new job, it’s going well. I’m still the ‘new guy,’ and I’m just struggling to keep up and learn the ropes on a very complex system, but I haven’t screwed anything up too badly so far. I’m also just now starting to feel like I know what I’m doing, at least on the simple things. I’ve already learned a couple of nifty new technical things I’m going to implement on my own site whenever I get around to its next revision.

The biggest drain on my attention though is the house stuff—making sure everything is lined up and ready to go for Friday (settlement) and through the next week. I think we’re good and have all the important things ready, but I still need to do some purging in my office (which I’ve been putting off since before the last move) and other random little things. I’ve also started to map out what things we need to do on what days from Friday until next Wednesday, since it’s too much to remember on-the-fly.

Wish us luck!

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