Donate to Haitian Relief Efforts

While it’s been over a week since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, you can (and should) still contribute to relief efforts. There has been an incredible outpouring of generosity from individuals and governments around the world and many, many lives have been saved . . . but there’s still a lot left to do.

Even after rescue operations are finished, the Haitian people will still need assistance with rebuilding and reestablishing basic provisions of food, water, and shelter. Most of us are not in a position to actually lend a hand—that’s mostly being done by U.S. and foreign military services and religious and secular charities. We can, however, lend some financial support.

I encourage all of my readers to make contributions to reputable religious and secular charitable organizations for Haitian earthquake relief. I personally recommend Catholic Relief Services and the American Red Cross, but there are plenty of other organizations doing great work in Haiti too.

Donate to
Catholic Relief Services

Donate to
the American Red Cross

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