Busywork Ate My Posts

Yes, I know I’ve been horrible at keeping the site updated this week. Between work, weather, Melissa’s art shows, getting everything migrated to the new phone, and so on I just haven’t kept up with it. I will try to get back into a regular posting cycle next week.

I am enjoying our little blizzard. I am a snow lover and this stuff is great. We’re somewhere around 25″ I would guess. Melissa has a show in Chantilly today and tomorrow, so we and the Subaru got to have a little winter adventure. The car (and driver) handled it just fine, but the roads are really bad. Worst I’ve seen ’em.

Other than that I just have a ton of time-eating busywork-some of which terrible overdue. I owe Melissa some work on her site, bills to pay, etc. Hopefully I can get a lot of that kind of stuff done tonight. I’ll also post some blizzard pics.

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