The Snowpocalypse Proceeds

This has sure been one heck of a winter for us snow lovers, eh? We had a huge snow back in December, then another this past weekend, and now a third today. Today’s was only ten inches or so, but accompanied by high winds and layered atop the two feet from the weekend that was mostly still on the ground. Earlier today, the National Weather Service accumulation data put the 2009/2010 winter as the snowiest winter in recorded history for Washington, D.C.

The Federal Government has been closed all week (did you notice?), and my employer closes their office when the Feds do so I’ve been working from home all week. Personally I’d rather have gone into the office Monday and Tuesday since the roads were passable, but oh well. I like working from home now and then, but more than a couple days is overkill. I find it easier to avoid distraction in the office, plus the lag of logging into the VPN is pretty annoying and slows down the work.

The Feds have already announced they’ll be closed tomorrow too, which has to be some sort of record. I think the blizzards of 1996 and 2003 only warranted a day or two of Fed closures each, if I remember right.

Anyway, tomorrow will be another day of shoveling, which should be an interesting adventure since I’m running out of places to shovel the snow to. No big deal. I might even make it to the mailbox to see if the Postal ‘Service’ has decided to start delivering mail again.

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