Being a commercial illustrator has to be an interesting job. It has to be a strange mix of actual creativity and design-by-committee and, as countless examples in advertising demonstrate, sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn’t.

I guess if you’ve convinced me to stop, look at an ad, and take its picture you might call it a success. This strange kitty got my attention at the grocery store for some reason. I didn’t end up buying ‘The Goodlife Recipe,’ but now their strange kitty is on my website for no apparent reason whatsoever. That has to count for something.

I’ve never known a cat with eyes that big. It looks a little crazy to me, especially since it thinks in triangular thought bubbles. I think the tongue should be picking the nose; that would have added an extra notch of crazy and matched the eyes and triangle thoughts well.

When you consider the message of this ad though, seriously, it tells you that ‘The Goodlife Recipe’—which is apparently a cat food—is either intended for strange kitties or will make otherwise-normal kitties turn into strange kitties. Excellent messaging, I think, because normal kitties are boring.