Congress Car in the Snow

Super busy this weekend with a whole lot of catch-up stuff . . . buying a mattress, working on some techie stuff, and various other to-dos. I’m only half done so my posting may be a little sparse for a while yet.

In the interest of not leaving my faithful readers hanging, here is a picture I took all the way back on Saturday, January 30 but (for some reason) never posted. That was a really busy weekend, complete with a sick cat, snow, getting new phones (and a new carrier), and more . . . so it probably just slipped my mind. I stumbled upon it in my iPhoto gallery today.

The last picture I took on my AT&T BlackBerry Bold before trading it in for my Verizon Palm Pre Plus was of a U.S. Congressman’s car on the snowy streets of Washington, D.C. The California license plate says ‘US Congress’ on the left, and ’28’ on the right. Assuming that the ’28’ means ‘District 28,’ which is not necessarily the case, this would be Representative Howard Berman (D-CA 28th).

I see Congressmen’s cars fairly regularly in the area, but I still think it’s kinda cool.

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