Got Gas . . . Again?

Remember back in January when I got a note from Washington Gas telling me my service was off due to a damaged line in the area? Well, apparently this is going to be an every-three-months trend. It happened again today. I think this, along with the road-nails, is just one of the joys of living in a construction zone.

This is only made all-the-more amusing by the wonderful, grammatical, chicken-scratch note: “Your Gas is off, do to Gas main brake, Gas repairs have been made, call to have Gas turn on” (sic).


Anyway, I understand that accidents happen . . . but shouldn’t the gas company be answering the phone to fix the accident for us? Melissa has tried calling about six times now and gets no answer. Doesn’t a gas company have to be on-call 24 hours, since, you know, gas is both very important and potentially explosive?

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