So the United States government seems to have woken up; we finally got our census form today, and I also got a letter from the IRS about my taxes.

The tax letter was a nice little request for our signatures. According to the letter, our ‘Form 1040 doesn’t show [our] original signature(s).” That would be fine, if it were true. Our Form 1040 did show our original signatures . . . we checked, several times, before sending it. The letter also explained on the back that, “The delay resulting from this request for additional information may have been avoided if you had electronically filed your tax return.” That would be fine too, except that people filing for the home buyer’s tax credit weren’t allowed to file electronically.

Boy, they’re really on the ball over there at the IRS’s Kansas City processing center! I’m starting to wonder if they really want to return our money to us (ha ha ha).

As for the census form, well, it had our street address and ZIP code correct, but named the wrong city for some reason . . . and I still don’t understand why ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ are two separate questions, or why the only possible ethnicities are Hispanic and . . . not Hispanic.