No-Nonsense Weather 0.6.0 for WebOS (Now Available)

I’ve just submitted an update to No-Nonsense Weather for Palm WebOS, which will bring the version to 0.6.0. The new version has several new features and improvements to the application:

  • Adds weather alert content in-app (no more needing to click out to the NWS web site).
  • Adds local doppler radar (animated or static, decide in the settings).
  • Adds a refresh button.
  • Clarifies error text (usually errors happen because of NWS web site problems, not because something is wrong with the app).

You can see screenshots of the new version on the app’s information page here on Off on a Tangent.

As I mentioned, I have submitted the app to Palm and it should be included in the App. Catalog some time in the next two weeks (assuming they don’t find any problems). As soon as it’s posted I’ll update the entry here. If you have the previous version (0.5.0), your phone will give you the option to upgrade it once it’s published.

If you’re daring, you can download the source code (it’s open source under the GNU-GPL license) and package and install it using the Palm SDK.

Available now from the Palm App Catalog! Click here.

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