Morning in Washington (Photos)

Had a nice day today. We got up early to meet a friend of ours in Washington, D.C. to see the Nuremberg Laws at the National Archives. The laws were among the first anti-Semitic acts passed by the Nazis in Germany and, after the war, an original copy (with signatures of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi officials) was taken out of the country (illegally) by General George S. Patton. It was a little spooky to see them, given that they were among the first steps toward the senseless murder of six million people.

Unfortunately photography of Archive exhibits is prohibited, but I actually remembered to bring my Canon this time and took some photos before and after of the area around the Archives (including the Sculpture Garden). So, in return for you slogging through my terrible cell-phone pictures from Baltimore, here are some real photos of Washington, D.C.

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