My Sister’s Fall Showcase (Videos and Photos)

Melissa and I spent a nice weekend down in the Roanoke area. The main purpose of the trip was to see my sister Kristen dance in her Fall Showcase with Arthur Murray Dance Center of Roanoke, which was held Saturday afternoon at the Hotel Roanoke. She did a great job, as always.

This time, I brought my Canon camera instead of relying on a cell phone, so I got some good photos and halfway-decent videos (as good as can be expected with the room’s crappy lighting). I took a number of random photos before, during, and after the showcase, and took video of Kristen’s various routines.

We also got to spend some time with both my and Melissa’s parents in celebration of both of our birthdays, which was nice. It’s great to spend some time with the family (and get free food ;-)).

Anyway . . . videos and photos from the Showcase below. Enjoy!

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