Having a really busy week and haven’t had time to do much writing. Sorry guys. I have a lot of backlogged to-dos to get out of the way and some other commitments. Anyway, in case you were wondering how I covered the election last week, here are three photos from before returns started coming in. This is pretty much my normal office setup, except the TV usually isn’t on ;-).

The real workhorse of the night: My old TI-82 calculator. I got it in 9th grade and it still does the real hard-core heavy lifting when I need to project a race’s outcome from raw returns. I still haven’t found anything that lets me plow through the numbers faster.

My basic setup was broad news coverage on the left (TV tuned to CNN and various news sites on the first computer screen), my site’s live results in the middle, and returns and some media projections on the right.