Ruger Mk-III 22/45 .22LR

Using some of the cash I got for Christmas (thanks, cash-senders!), I decided to go pick up a .22 LR pistol. The main purpose is to have something for inexpensive target practice at the range. .22 LR is too light a caliber for defensive purposes, but ammo is drastically less expensive than any other handgun round. When I say drastic I mean drastic. You can pick up 500 rounds of .22 LR for less than the price of 100 rounds of 9mm, so it makes it much more affordable to go to the range.

Melissa and I dropped by Virginia Arms in Manassas, our favorite go-to shop for handguns, and handled a few different .22 LR pistols. We settled on the Ruger Mk-III 22/45 as having a good balance of price (less than $300), reliability, reputation, and feel. Melissa and I both found the 22/45 grip, which has the same angle as the traditional M1911 .45ACP, more comfortable than the ‘standard’ Mk-III grip. We are hoping to get out to the range sometime in the next week or so to try it out!

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