As you may have seen on Melissa’s site, she was the showcase designer at Asia Store in New York City on Friday. We went up via Amtrak from Manassas, Virginia, on Thursday and then took a cab from NYC Penn Station to the hotel in Soho. We walked down to Chinatown for some shopping and then to neighboring Little Italy for some dinner. On Friday, we went to the event on the Upper East Side and, afterwards, went back to Soho for some Chinese food.

We came back yesterday (Saturday) again via Amtrak, grabbed some dinner at Cracker Barrel, then made a quick trip to Ikea before heading home. We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing on this trip, since we were really only up there for a day (not counting travel days) and were busy with the Asia Store event anyway. I still took some pictures :-). Enjoy!

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