2013 Road Trip: Nashville Zoo

Melissa and I left Tuesday on a road trip to Oklahoma for some family events—one of my cousins is graduating high school and another is getting married. We took three days making the trip out, spending Tuesday night in Nashville, Tennessee, and Wednesday night in Memphis. We arrived safely here in Norman, Oklahoma, late Thursday evening after a total of 1,345.2 miles in my trusty Subaru.

Since the trip from Nashville to Memphis was only a few hours long, we had some time to kill on Wednesday. I wanted to go check out the sights around Nashville and get a feel for the place. So Melissa decided we would go do the most unique thing Nashville had to offer, something we couldn’t do in any other city in America. We went to the zoo.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but we had a good time anyway. Read on for a bunch of animal photos.

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