2013 Road Trip: Family, Graduation, and Wedding

Better late than never! Melissa and I got back from our week-long road trip last Tuesday, and I didn’t have much time to go through my photos and start getting everything organized . . . so I didn’t. Even now I’m swamped with other projects (and an anniversary weekend trip), so I did very little processing on the photos below. Oh well!

Anyway, we got together with the family in Lexington, Oklahoma—a small town a-ways south of Oklahoma City—on Friday afternoon and then went to Lexington High School to celebrate my cousin Thomas’s graduation. Then, on Saturday, we headed out to Seminole—east of Oklahoma City—to celebrate my cousin James’s wedding. Luckily all the storms and tornadoes held-off until Sunday.

We left for home on Monday, drove to Knoxville, Tennessee, to crash at a hotel overnight, and then drove the rest of the way home on Tuesday. The whole trip put about 2,800 miles on our trusty Subaru Outback. Good times. And above all, congratulations and blessings to Thomas on his high school graduation, and to James and Hannah on their wedding!

Photos posted below, first just a few general family and travel shots, then graduation shots, then wedding shots. Enjoy.

Miscellaneous Trip Photos

Thomas’s High School Graduation

James & Hannah’s Wedding

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