I have just launched a minor update to Off on a Tangent, which brings the version to 24.1. Minor updates like this are where I launch noticeable (but relatively small) changes to the style and functionality of the site. Here are some of the things that have changed:

  • Style Adjustments: I have adjusted the gray to be lighter than it was and to add a slight blue tint, which makes the site a bit more ‘airy’ and modern than it was. I have also improved the styling of the ‘leaders’ on the home page (politics, faith, and liberty), along with a number of other tweaks and adjustments. I’ve also brought back the ‘pinned’ menu and branding that sticks at the top as you scroll.
  • More Polish for Mobiles: Website 24.0 was the first responsive version of Off on a Tangent, meaning that it adjusts itself on-the-fly for whatever kind of device and screen size you are using. There were some rough edges on mobile phones, which I think are mostly worked-out now.
  • Groundwork for the Election: As in past years, Off on a Tangent will carry political endorsements for every office and issue on my ballot this year, and we’ll have live results on election night. In the past, this has been handled on a dedicated election site . . . but this year I will be moving everything back to the main site. Although the code for this is not yet complete, much of the groundwork is now in place to support this.
  • Bug-Fixes and Enhancements: I have addressed a number of bugs and made a number of improvements to the site, particular in the performance area. The site should be noticeably faster now, and the amount of bandwidth you need to pull down should be significantly reduced from where it was.

I continue to support the most recent two versions of each major desktop, tablet, and mobile browser . . . so if you see any issues or if anything isn’t working right for you, please let me know!