NNW 0.8 Precip Map
NNW 0.8 Precip Map

No-Nonsense Weather—the weather web application I launched back in August—has been updated to a new 0.8 beta. The big new features are support for international weather locations, an improved precipitation map system, support for nautical miles and knots, and a ton of bug-fixes from the 0.7 series.

I soft-launched 0.8.0 last week and have been finding and fixing any showstopper bugs. Right now we’re at 0.8.2 and things are working pretty smoothly. There are some performance issues with the non-U.S. precipitation maps, and noticeable slow-downs when the U.S. National Weather Service and/or OpenWeatherMap.org are having performance issues. I try to get around that with caching, but the benefits of that only come to pass if lots of people start using the site. I will continue making improvements in this area as I go forward, and the 0.9 series (whenever I get around to starting it) will add more weather sources so we have good fall-backs when performance issues happen.

Now, No-Nonsense Weather is still a beta. It still has some known issues, and probably a bunch of unknown issues too. Please don’t rely on it as your sole source of weather information (yet). But I hope you will give it a try and continue to provide feedback and bug reports. You can use the ‘feedback’ link on the site itself to send your comments and bug reports, and if you’re technically inclined you can log in to the Intersanity bug tracker and file them into the system yourself.

You can find No-Nonsense Weather at https://www.no-nonsense-weather.com/.

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