I Voted (by Melissa Lew)
I Voted (by Melissa Lew)

I voted. And if you are eligible to do so, you should too.

Here in Virginia, there are many important state and local issues in contention. The entire Virginia General Assembly—both the House of Delegates and the Senate—are on the ballot. In Loudoun County, and many others, we are also selecting our local Board of Supervisors and School Board. Local counties and cities are choosing their constitutional officers, like the sheriff and the court clerk.

While much of America is focused on a presidential election that is still a year away, these state and local elections are more likely to have real, noticeable impacts on your life, and they deserve your attention.

Here on Off on a Tangent, I will be covering the results live as they come in for my local races, and will be commenting in a liveblog on any newsworthy votes in Virginia and elsewhere. Stay tuned! Coverage begins at 6:30 p.m.